Ten Essential Shoes Every Girl Needs

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1. Classic Pump

The classic pump is great for any professional setting.

2. Stilettos

Killer stilettos are great for feeling more sexy. While wearing these shoest women look taller, and appear more confident.

3. Animal Prints

Animal print shoes show a fun flirty side to the woman wearing them.

4. Heel Sandals (Strapy Heel, wedges, peep toes)

These shoes are sassy. They are perfect for summer parties, dates, or pretty much any occasion.

5. Maryjane

Maryjane shoes allow women to play down their sex appeal and appear more clever, witty and cute.

6. Flats(ballet flats and loafers)

Flats are fun, dressy and appropriate for almost any situation. These shoes are so great because they can be dressed up or down.

7. Mules and Clogs

Mules or clogs are great alternatives for heels and sneakers. These shoes provide the most stability and comfort without being too unprofessional for work. 

8. Flip-flops and Sandals

Flip-flops are great for the vacations, going to the  beach or running errands, during the summer.  Sandals are great for summer time too but unlike flip-flops, sandals can worn to work, and with a suit. 

9. Sneakers

These are absolutly necessary, especially if women want to stay fit.

10. Boots

Last but certainly not least. Boots are a classic staple for fall and winter. Whether they are short or tall they provide the versatility of style, comfort and practicality.  

Fall Fashion Preview

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Street Styles

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Uncuff the Boyfriend Pants!

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Although there are many fabulous trends this season there is one trend in particular that I find absolutely baffeling. The fashion trend in question: The Cuffed Boyfriend Pants. I find the whole look completely unflattering.  Who’s bright idea was it to create a style for women in which they cuff the bottom of their oversiezed pants? I’m puzzeled to see both Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham (two reigning queens of fashion) trading in their image for these dowdy pants. Seriously, what are they thinking?  

I must say I’m still quite fond of the classic strait-legged and skinny jeans. I can’t comprehend why we have decided to retire those stlyes in trade for this one ?  I’ll even dare to say I would venture to wear leggings alone as pants,  before I would ever wear baggy, cuffed pants. Honestly, I can’t find anything more hideous.

Piped Prep-school school blazers are back!

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Attention all Gossip Girl lovers the piped blazer is back!

We all loved the coveted piped blazers from Balenciaga’s Fall 2007, and the Philippe Adec adaption featured on Gossip Girl’s: Victor, Victrola, but in order to own both  we would have to sell our souls.  There have been many recreations, but none have recaptured the same elite prep-school elegance as the new Tommy Hilfiger design. So, I encourage all piped blazer lovers to head out and purchase this beautiful recreation. 





Tommy Hilfiger blazer, $189.50,

available at Tommy Hilfiger, NYC, (646) 638-4812